Find this lovely fabric shop thru flickr ! remember to check their online shop!
I need to find this book right away!! so amazing!

I think I spent more time on flickr than blogging now.



I started to received some letters from people I don't know after I started this blog. I made friends without meeting them. Also those comments left in my posts, made me feel that I have made so many friends around the world now.

Thank you! Friend ! Thank you for stopping by!

Two weeks ago I got a email from Lynn. A couple of emails later we had decided to have some collaborations. I am totally excited about this can't wait to show you new things after new year. Thank you! Lynn, thank your kindly invitation to this adventure.

I also met Miho. I like her blog and like her own website. I also find this wonderful book blog__ "BOOK ENDLESS " from her. She emails me sometimes when she finds some nice books. Sweet girl, thank you!

.... .... ...............

Sun and Kotatsu

We have beautiful days here!! Lots sunlight flood in our house everyday but it doesn't mean that it's warm in our house. I feel like staying in the cold meat storage all day! ! Our heater is broken and we also need to redo all the ducting. We didn't plan to fix it because we thought that we will be totally fine since we are living in south California.

We were so so wrong!!

I like to take break time and rush to our deck. It's so warm under the sun. I wish I can move my computer to the deck and work there. That's the time for me to do some sketches. (Under that bright sun I dream about snow sometimes.)

CL and I decided to make a kotatsu to keep us warm and to be more efficient for the energy. We put our portable radiator under our working table and enclosed the table with thick cotton......Ahhh- HA ! A instant Kotastu is done... don't laugh, it works just fine for us.... I just feel that my hands are icing cold when my half body is all warmed up. oops!

.... ...

Light study

I was modeling for CL last weekend. See the light we have here! Just love it. But I think I'm a really BAD model, I look so sad.

.... ...

More weaving

CL took this picture while I was weaving (last month??). I haven't weaved for a while. Definitely this X'mas vacation will be my endless weaving time! Can't wait! Can't wait!

(But It probably will be freezing, how can I keep myself warm?? I CAN'T make a Kotatsu for my loom! Can't I??)

............ ...


Some cute little shops_ plus some winter inspirations......

Masion de Plage


Non sens


Fig London

For some reasons they all have super small images!! I also like this one _nicta!


Yukari Miyagi 's Turtle and Rabbit

I found this book when I was in the exhibition of Murakami in MOCA. Actually there are a lot of young Japanese artists works there but it was crazily crowded there. I didn't really can stand still to look through all the new book collections. Too bad! It also stopped me to buy the books I like.

Here is Yukari Miyagi's website! She also has nice works for the commercial campaigns.

Fukuda Kan

I found this artist from one of Miyagi's links_ BUILDING.
There are more nice works up in the site. I only wish I would have 48 hours a day to dig that.

Oh, Right!
I also like Joe McLaren's version of "Rabbit and Turtle".



I love these 60s inspired funitures from Karimuku60.
Here are more love of 60s_ vision60.com

Sorry!! just a quick post today!


Shop is open now!

First , I want to say "thank you"! You are always there and always leave sweet comments. You are my biggest support! Thank you, friends!!

Snow Attack!! 白雪攻擊!!

Second, I want to share with you my love to this nature +" snow"!

I never see or touch snow in my life. It's winter again! I know probably this year I will now be able to see the snow . I felt that I have been attached by the image of snow_The fantasy of white snow world has been constructed in my mind silently. I can't help drawing them on all my sketches.

Above are my sketches of planters and iceland.

One more thing for the love of S N O W _ An Icelandic movie called
Nói albino.

**** **

I hope I make sense here with my very random thoughts
and also

Have a wonderful winter day with or without snow!


Shop update tomorrow night (2007.11.27)!!

I made some gift tags to give away! not satisfied with them, have to re print them again!


Made with 100% love

There were 3 birthday parties in 2 days, and I was non stop weaving before and between the parties. In one of party I was so worried about the other unfinished scarf... yes, I'm totally exhausted now. But nothing happier than seeing their surprising and satisfing expressions on their faces. Wishing them a "warm" winter!!

I have to clean up the mess I created over the weekend!



I have been working on sketches for prints. I had a lot of things in mind and always interrupted by some new ideas . I was doing 6 different ones at the same time. I drove myself CRAZY..... So I think maybe it's good time to focus on only one at a time.

** * *

I like fall! (It's more like fall here ) I love the air, the light in my room and those falling leaves. So Wonderful!


New things

Yes, I bought a loom!!

It was a table loom but Baba turned it into a floor loom. I also did my first project with this loom, a scarf for CL_ a belated birthday gift . I used 100% alpaca and 100%wool. I just wash it and it become so fluffy (even more soft now). The gray parts also stand out now.

mmm, What should I do for next one??


Mint Designs

04 s/s - printing project

05 s/s tri-colombian project

I'm totally in love with their projects now. Here is their interview with PING MAG.


Tsurukichi at tortoise!!

We saw this indigo hand die textile show in Tortoise and I bought this hand die cotton yarn. Somehow I didn't take any pictures of the show, I guess I was so amazed by what I saw there. The hand die yard look like " live creature" to me.... they look like they are part of nature.

I found some more pictures about it thru internet.


a fragment of journey_ mina perhonen

This book really makes me happy!!

The most interesting chapters are

Happiness of Imagination
(he found this fish head gum in Paris and the fabric at the bottom was inspired by this fun toy!)

( included the shoes collections which collaborated with POE)


2e _Keiko Inoue * Yuki Otani

I probably can't share the new book with you today!! We are going to meet the photographer for CL's project in Venice this morning.

I think you will enjoy the works from these two young Japanese designers, don't forget to check their illustrations.


Follow the light!

One of nicest thing to live in LA is the enormous light and airy spaces. I wish I can follow the light whole day just like cats, but I can't move my desktop computer around the house!

One more book to share tomorrow! stay tuned!!


QUICO のスタイル

Another fun book to share!! Quico is a funiture store in Tokyo. This books is pretty much like combining their show room/collections with very "cozy" fashion (it also comes with patterns for every single outfits shown in the book). very ecletic and nice collections!!

Also I got this book for my birthday gift! I did scream when I saw it landed at my door!!


Last week I went to see this! I will go n' see this one next week!

Finally this lovely shop is open! Just bought this poster!!


kawaii by Tsumori Chisato

I found this book when I was browsing books in Taiwan. I think I almost scream when I saw this book. Such a wonderful book filled with Tsumori's sketches and textiles. It also comes with a lovely interview!

It just likes its name_ "KAWAII".

Also the lovely photos from the book are taken by a young and talented lady, Mika Ninagawa.


Two weeks ago

We had a celebration with friends here before our Chinese banquet. We went to the beach and had a picnic.
We were lucky enough to catch the last bit of summer.

Lots of California sunshine and beautiful coastline. It was a beautiful day!

.... .......

Wishing you a nice weekend!