I started to received some letters from people I don't know after I started this blog. I made friends without meeting them. Also those comments left in my posts, made me feel that I have made so many friends around the world now.

Thank you! Friend ! Thank you for stopping by!

Two weeks ago I got a email from Lynn. A couple of emails later we had decided to have some collaborations. I am totally excited about this can't wait to show you new things after new year. Thank you! Lynn, thank your kindly invitation to this adventure.

I also met Miho. I like her blog and like her own website. I also find this wonderful book blog__ "BOOK ENDLESS " from her. She emails me sometimes when she finds some nice books. Sweet girl, thank you!

.... .... ...............

Sun and Kotatsu

We have beautiful days here!! Lots sunlight flood in our house everyday but it doesn't mean that it's warm in our house. I feel like staying in the cold meat storage all day! ! Our heater is broken and we also need to redo all the ducting. We didn't plan to fix it because we thought that we will be totally fine since we are living in south California.

We were so so wrong!!

I like to take break time and rush to our deck. It's so warm under the sun. I wish I can move my computer to the deck and work there. That's the time for me to do some sketches. (Under that bright sun I dream about snow sometimes.)

CL and I decided to make a kotatsu to keep us warm and to be more efficient for the energy. We put our portable radiator under our working table and enclosed the table with thick cotton......Ahhh- HA ! A instant Kotastu is done... don't laugh, it works just fine for us.... I just feel that my hands are icing cold when my half body is all warmed up. oops!

.... ...

Light study

I was modeling for CL last weekend. See the light we have here! Just love it. But I think I'm a really BAD model, I look so sad.

.... ...

More weaving

CL took this picture while I was weaving (last month??). I haven't weaved for a while. Definitely this X'mas vacation will be my endless weaving time! Can't wait! Can't wait!

(But It probably will be freezing, how can I keep myself warm?? I CAN'T make a Kotatsu for my loom! Can't I??)

............ ...


Anonymous said...

You make a wonderful model...that serious/sad look is more professional than a cheesy smile! ;)

And I can't wait to see your collaboration with Lynn. I've always thought your work would be well suited for letterpress!!

eshu said...

wow, these pictures are gorgeous... as are you! beautiful model!

Carson said...

beautiful drawings and photos
can't wait to see the collaborations!

阪戸みほ Miho Sakato said...

ooo, wonderful!!! thank you very much, ah_yi!

'bookendless' is my husband's blog!

you are very cute model!


Wendy said...

I really like the photos -- you make a great model actually! And love those latest sketches. You make me want to doodle in my sketchbook :) Can't wait to see your collaborations with Satsuma Press and more of your loom creations!

阪戸みほ Miho Sakato said...

do you like Kotatsu???


i love Kotatsu. but it takes me to the world of dream. hahaha..

Fine Little Day said...

I agree with Wendy.

Loraine said...

cl takes beautiful pictures of you

Ashes and Milk said...

OH pretty. Now we see you in form.

Babelfish said...

You're a wonderful model, love the vintage feel of these photos.

Anonymous said...

wonderfull pictures!!! waouw!

Lobster and swan said...

lovely pictures, you seem the perfect model!

Anonymous said...

i love your choice of images on your site, very beautiful. and i'm gathering some are yours? i'll be back!

Ana said...

beauitful pictures! you have a lovely blog :)

Anonymous said...