Brutus Casa is one of my favorite Japanese magazine.
They got a very informative website,..
Here are some back issues I want to buy.....
..everything you want to know about ceramics
..fashion, architecture, design and food!

I like this floor guide's cover from
Don't know who did the illustration!!

I heard some of "not very nice" comments about Omotesando Hills but I like its very low key luxury............

When I was in Japan I came across this new line"ME" from Issey Miyake.
I love it!!
Every single piece has interesting and intriguing details. Too bad that I don't have good photos of them, they are all too small to see.
Thanks to their website, there are some very nice pieces you can find in the website. But, I guess it's very different to see them in person......


finally I have my own print of ocean waves, yayyyyyyyyyyy!!
and I know I will draw more....

Here is a fun waves painting from Deth P. Sun.
He does his painting on wood, I will love to see his work in person.
Too bad that I missed his show at Giant Robot where is my favorite place to go for the fun stuff.


Have been working one some new prints lately!
Be back soon!

...... ... ... ... .. ....


Alvin Lustig

I adimre Alvin Lustig, not only becuase he is a good architect but also a great great great graphic designer.
It makes me want to go to Avalon Hotel now!

.. .... ... .. ........ ...

very colorful weekend!

Brant_Jurgen Vanbrabant
I like series 13, 14#
Rod Hunting's polaroids
so bright! It hurts my eyes, but I love them!!
(via hoping for happy accidents)


I am honored to be mentioned
here and here.

I am happy to meet so many new friends in flickr.

Also thank you for asking about the prints I made.
The print of San shui , NO.01 is available in my esty shop now.

I will have to focus on new prints for a while!
Be back soon!!

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all the images are from Maharam
Claudy Jongstra

These pieces are corporation between Cludy Jonstra and Maharam. They are so nice!!

I remembered one of famous Taiwanese director said, "All I want is to follow/catch the rule of nature/自然法則, but it's so hard to keep it up....". When I see the pieces created by Cludy Jonstra, I tell myself, maybe these are very closed to the rule of nature/


click on the photos to see details


Two-color Gocco screen print on 4x6 inches arches 88 fine printmaking paper.
40 copies are available.
Will be available at Art Bazaar on June 2nd and 3rd, or email me if you are interested!

Fei means "fly" in chinese.

I found these leaves in my backyard. They have very nice golden color with ineresting form which almost looks like feather to me. The combination of cherry blossom and chocolate color is for celebration of spring.

San Shui/山水 no.01_3-stone rule

Two-color Gocco screen print on 4x6 inches arches 88 fine printmaking paper.
34 copies are available.
Will be available at Art Bazaar on June 2nd and 3rd and Esty.

San and Shui literally mean mountains and water/rivers in Chinese.

This early spring I was in this famous dry garden in Kyoto. My dear friend Hiro and his gal tried to explain to me the layout of stones. They are always 3 stones in a group and creating a perfect triangle. It meant to be creates various views when you are standing in different locations. It has such calm and quiet quality. ....


Art Bazaar

I am going to this Art Bazaar which organized by Art start on June 2nd and 3rd. That means I have less than 3 weeks to produce all the prints. From now on, all the postings will focus on my work.

Have to go back to work now! *_*

Dear friends, good weekend!

Landscape of construction site

So my job today is cleaning up all the white plaster chips in the room. I was so excited to accept this task. I know I'm going to do something with it, so I played around with all these tiny chips....... 15 minutes after..... I found that I was suffocated with unbelievable dusty air,......., oops!! Silly me.

styrofoam cups and
paper plates landscaping
by Tara Donovan,
both images from Ace gallery

Tara Donovan

Okay, after seeing my embarrassing playground, let's see some real art installations by Tara Donovan. I saw the installations in Ace gallery probably two years ago.

They were so AMAZING!!
They are made of thousands and thousands of toothpicks,
styrofoam cups, pencils, etc. See the great archives from Ace gallery!! and brief introduction from Hammer museum.


Snow man just came!

CL started to work on the guest bedroom today, he had to chip old paint off the wall and the ugly textured paint on the ceiling. Suddenly the whole room is filled of white debris. They look like snow to me, calm and quiet.

Am I crazy? I was having fun taking picture of this scene and at the same time CL is suffocated with dust.

Oh! No, Sorry!!


What's in my mail today?

CL bought me this camera. It's a very old piece. It's a SLR, but I can attach polaroid films or with regular 220 films. Doesn't it sound exciting? Hopefully no more blurring polaroid shots. Only thing is that it's damn heavy to me.


Pappa bear chair

I had hard time to take my eyes away from this chair at Modernica. Some how I couldn't found anything about this chair through the internet!! Anybody knows who designed the chair? It is a very expensive piece. We were at the shop enjoying all the nice furnitures but we ended up at the corner of discount books. Only things there which are within reach.

Both from book
Alexander Girard

I got this book " alexander girard designs for herman millers" at Modernica. I was looking through all the discount books. Immediately it caught my eyes. I really enjoy this book, and later on I realized that I've seen some of works over here. I'm just never good at people's names. (Will that be easier if they are in Chinese, mm, maybe). Oh, patterns and textile, These are the things I am crazy for. I couldn't believe that they cancelled the textile class in my college, and I never got the chance to learn it.

A quick post _ new prints

I have to go back to do more prints now. Probably will show more stuff later.


from the top to the bottom:
sou sou x 有松鳴海絞
Makiko kudo
Aya Takano

Saturday Night, exhausted!!

It has been a busy week! Tired! >**<
I am going to share two nice books with you before I jump into my bed.
First, the pamphlet from sou-sou. It illustrates all different kind of tie-dye. I'm never a big fan of tie-dye, but the book totally changed my view of it. Check this, my photo doesn't show much!! The "bean tie" is amazing, it makes cutest small dots.

Second, it's a book called " drop dead cute". I bought this because of artist_Aya Takano, and my heart fall for Makiko kudo now. Totally it's more than cute things and characters. CL even thinks
Makiko kudo got the soul of Munch. ( he was the one against buying this book :P)

My brain can't function well now. Hopefully I will be able to show some new prints of mine tomorrow. Also I have one more amazing book to share.