oulet in desert

CL and I went to a outlet in desert last weekend, this is the first time CL visited a outlet. He got lots questions about it!
"why don't they sale everything cheap in the stores at the first place?"
"why don't we have outlets in Taiwan?"
"why there are so many crazy people here?"

We spent most of time in"Prada", of course, there are nothing affordable for us. We did have good time in there. Nobody bother us, and I checked all the fabric, patterns. Too bad that I couldn't take any photos of good things we found there, but i was totally satisfied. My brain was totally stuffed with loads of new design.

We left the outlets seeing these coolest yellow lights!
Lots unexpected things in this desert.

Top: from sam weber

Bottom: from kozyndan

I have to start this blog with the topic of waves and surfing. 10 years ago, when I was still living in Taipei, I probably would never believe that one day I would surf in the water. I want to celebrate the birth of this blog with this brand new activity in my life.
yes, I was scared most of time, I felt like being drawn to a endless hole but I was thrilled at the same time. when I was struggling with the waves, all these graphic images flooding in my brain. I became obsessed with visual expression of waves and how these interesting artworks connected to my perception of the waves.

One day, we were in the county line (Ventura and LA). The waves were violent and harsh. I barely could stay on the board. Every time the waves came hitting on my neck and face, the illustrations of Sam Weber came out. That day's waves are like these curly, moving tree trunk. Unbeatable!! Totally frustrated, I never made it beyond the white water.
The second morning, we went to El Porto, oh, yeh,.. The waves were so soft, tender and consistent. It brought back all the confidence. And then this “ rabbit jumping” waves of this Hokusai-like painting from
Kozyndan was popping out in my brain,…so I marked that waves as “ stuffed rabbit falling waves”.

CL doesn’t think I can call myself a surfer, I probably don’t really care about the sport, but I do enjoy all these excitements brought to me by the nature and simply the joy of hanging out with friends in the water!!