QUICO のスタイル

Another fun book to share!! Quico is a funiture store in Tokyo. This books is pretty much like combining their show room/collections with very "cozy" fashion (it also comes with patterns for every single outfits shown in the book). very ecletic and nice collections!!

Also I got this book for my birthday gift! I did scream when I saw it landed at my door!!


Last week I went to see this! I will go n' see this one next week!

Finally this lovely shop is open! Just bought this poster!!


kawaii by Tsumori Chisato

I found this book when I was browsing books in Taiwan. I think I almost scream when I saw this book. Such a wonderful book filled with Tsumori's sketches and textiles. It also comes with a lovely interview!

It just likes its name_ "KAWAII".

Also the lovely photos from the book are taken by a young and talented lady, Mika Ninagawa.


Two weeks ago

We had a celebration with friends here before our Chinese banquet. We went to the beach and had a picnic.
We were lucky enough to catch the last bit of summer.

Lots of California sunshine and beautiful coastline. It was a beautiful day!

.... .......

Wishing you a nice weekend!


Abraxas Rex by Paris Kain

I don't wear stone and most of time CL and I forgot to wear wedding rings! But these stones are really eye candies!! I am very curious about his corporation with CK but didn't find more info about that.


Adam et Rope'

I still don't have time to do the postings, here is a quick one. My favorite web shop!! ( Sometimes you have to reload the page to see it)
Don't miss the " visual book" and " monthly brand".


Clare Rojas

I really want to share this with you before more postings about the trip. I was so happy when I found this piece of new about this artist. Too bad that I missed the exhibition. Fount it from here.


The trip

1. The secret

Sorry, I think I never mentioned the purpose of this trip back to my home town, Taipei. Actually it's for our super belated wedding celebration. CL and I married a year ago and We didn't have the celebration with family till now.... Above was my bouquet. (We are too shy to show our wedding photos!!)

2. The family trip

The day after our celebration we had a trip with relatives who traveled from south of Taiwan. My parents rented a tour bus so we can all fit in one car. On the way to the north beach, my uncles and cousins started to sing. Yes, it's a tour bus equipped with karaoke system. It was hilarious.

3. The power of nature

We stopped by this famous beach before heading to seafood restaurant. I was totally amazed by these incredible landscapes.

4. Eat, eat and eat

Of course we ate a lot of things. It's really happy to see that people start to think about origin and tradition again, especially for food. This is the a signage of a Chinese pastry shop. Can you image that cake with that fancy motif ?? Sigh, I should have bought some of them.

5. Shopping

I got this bicycle from Taiwan! You probably will think I'm so crazy. Yes, I'm so crazy about this old fashioned style bicycle. It also has unbeatable price!! believe me!!

I did got some nice books! I can't wait to show them all !!

6. The end

It's always sad to say good bye. I took this picture the night before we took off.
Doesn't it look very depressing ??

...................... .