top: vija celmins
middle: two postcards from
japanese stationery shop in kyoto

bottom: Preservationist

A new start

I left "AA" where i worked for over 6 years. I will take a short break for my exhausted body and tiring mind. But I will be busy on my new plans. Hopefully soon my postings will be more related to my work....

Here are some good things from the web; some pretty
art pieces of "waves " .

Today, CL and I will be busy on installing the new floor in kitchen.
looking forward the new things!!

happy weekend!


My first Holga set

I have been waiting for these Holga prints. First pict is the tree right in front of chinese soy milk restaurant.
Second is double exposures of CL and lovely cat, Hana.

top: iwould like to try this noodle chips from japan

middle: the old time favorite, i used to have this
when i was 8 . they are crispy noodle chips.

bottom: the pig i found in kyoto,just only becuase
it's pig, so i can't help not to take pict of it.

Irresistible snacks or snack characters

Check this!!
I would never figure out how I bought those snacks, it's according to my eyes which always aim for cute and fun things or my taste bud. probably 80%, i think, my eyes are the decision maker.


top & bottom: our first morning in kyoto
i was reading our bible of kyoto,
doing last minute planning.
hilo was textmessaging to his lovely gf.

not only a nice breakfast

I don't know when was the last time I had a nice sit- down breakfast. I have been eating my breakfast in my car or in front of my computer. First thing come to my mind everyday morning when i just wake up is " work".

I'm jealous of people can manage to have a " peaceful" and serious breakfast.

I like these wonderful mornings and breakfasts by simply breakfast and 3191.


Pictures from kyoto

Only food pictures for now. I will do more postings later.
It's a very lazy weekend, but I'm happy that we went to west side to meet up with friends yesterday.


top two: from : Sou Sou

bottom two from: Galoop

Galoop and Sou Sou

I found two very interesting shops in Tainan and Kyoto. Galoop is a very young Taiwanese brand. They have a wide range of collection from outfits to stationary. It's exciting to see new blood and it's truely " made in Taiwan".

Sou Sou is full of suprise from old fashion. Taking very serious about some old japanese traditions but find a very tasteful way out. We are toally crazy about the tabi, old japanese footwares. Also the socks to pair with shoes . I had hard time to leave this store.

Photos from Taiwan,

I had tried very hard to organized the pictures we took from the trip, but till now I only finished 1/3 of pictures from Taiwan. We took a lot while we were in Kyoto too, but not that many in Tokyo. At that time, we probably were so exhuasted.

I like the color palette we had found in Taiwan. We found a grocery shop selling all the old goodies from our childhood. I can't believe that we were eating all this colorful junk.

Also we had the most amazing food from Tainan. Love it!! We also found it very easy to find good coffee in Tainan. Most of them are above the standard. Again, I'm so proud that I grew up there. Nice people, good weather, and good food,..

oh, right, Happy golden pig year to all!!