Plain weave

Twill weave

I really like the new chunky yarns I used from Suss design. It is called hand painted 100% wool.
In the middle of weaving, just want to share some new things with you.

Also, some of my scarves and prints are available in Reform school online shop now.
Thank you so much, Billie and Tootie.

go back to work now!! (finally winter sun is back in my house again! yaaaaaah!)
have a nice day!! everyone!


As promised, I'm back for this post about new purchase of yarns and new scarves I made last week.
I always feel that we should have a big basket of yarns in our house in winter. It makes me feel cozy!

I don't sit in front of computer that often these days! I will be making more scarves till early February, but I still have lots thing want to share with you. I will try to do some more posts next week.

All the scarves shown above are available in Reform School now. I'm really happy that finally I met Billie and Tootie this week. I really like that lovely shop.

okay, I need to get back to work now.
Have a nice weekend! friends!


San Shui _04
The sky above you 01_day time version

San Shui _04
The sky above you02_ night version

New Prints

Sorry about my absence. I was trying to focus on new prints and new scarves.
Here are two of my new prints.

Once a while I get emails asking about my first Gocco print, the first San Shui print (3-stone rule). It always brings me back to those inspiring gardens. The more I think, the more realize that I was not only inspired by those delicate Japanese gardens in Kyoto but also my grand parents’ garden where I grew up with.

It’s a Chinese style garden with rocks, a pond, a bridge, and a waterfall. It’s a miniature of everything we want from the nature. All the elements have their own characters, symbols and meanings.

The prints here are day dreaming of a garden in the day time and night time.

The elements/characters play here are moss, ponds, bamboos and deep deep sky......

I hope you will like the new prints. They are available in my Etsy.
ok I need to clean up my room now. Will be back with some new scarves tomorrow.


I admire "Saul Leiter
also "Erwin Olaf.

Both images are from M+B gallery.


市橋織江 Orie Ichihashi

I love her photos! Love love love!!

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CL started to print lots photos in our dark room/bathroom. I really like this one! One year ago, our house is like this!! We were fixing things and redoing all the dry walls and ceiling (all by ourself,...mainly just himself)...... it was like a nightmare but it's totally worthy.

I got this handsome new toy from CL as a christmas gift. It arrived at our door after new year. It was really a big surprise...

......... ............

and here are film only people, film is not dead just smells funny



Dornbracht & Culture project

We need to help our client to look for some plumbing fixtures, and there is a wonderful company called "Dornbracht".

I like that they extend their passion of product design into culture and social issue. The photos above are one of their "Culture project" _The Farm Project/ Kitchen as the Stage of Life. A wild idea for kitchen! It's almost like a dream kitchen to me!

Among the
"Culture projects" , I also like the "Statement 06" Rita Ackermann's Lovely Drawings.

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First, want to say " Happy new year" to everyone! Thank you for stopping by!

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I did managed to do more weaving projects. I made this pillow for my friend, Yuko.

and a scarf, I think I will keep it for myself. I made this on new year. I'm not a really workaholic !! Just try to be away from my computer for a couple days and let weaving helps me to get rid of the internet fever.......
It's hard to see from the picture, the white part actually is very light grayish mint .. there are different shades of greens and grays....

also a scarf for friend, Singsing who only wears black....... it's hard to work on black color even I used 3 different yarns and tried make it more interesting!! For a while, I can really look at this scarf, it's just so dark. Although I used to be wearing a lot of blacks too.