Eno Henze

Whenever I need some fresh air or some quiet moment, I will look at Eno Henze's prints.
I really wish that I can read those texts.


Lines Matter

I love all the lines graphic/patterns designed by Shelly Steffee. The garment's body and volume are super interesting as well.

Also I think this dress will be a coolest wedding dress!!

* * *


Shop will be updated next week!! Stay tuned!

Some hints: Inspiration by golden landscape in Topanga Canyon, very distinct summer colors!

Have a lovely weekend !!


Working in progress/short of supply/leaving for the city hall .....

Some interesting stuff here,
Top Secrets of Finland by Company,
via dezeen

Corey Arnold's fish portfolio
via Newstoday' QBN Certified


From my storage boxes....

I've moved 6 times in 10 years after I moved to US. There are a lot of stuff I have to keep in the storage boxes.
I found these.... last week when we were re-organized my studio.

Two Wolfgang Tillmans's postcards. I totally forgot about this but nowI think I want this book!!

Also I found 2005 August "So-EN", Japanese fashion magazine..
One third of magazine featured the
celebration of the 200 year birthday of Hans Christian Andersen.
Above is a collaboration between Peter Jensen(dress), Susumi Fujimoto (cut illustration) and Hiroshi Shibaguchi ( Mobile design).

Below are the spreads from "Astrid Stampe's picture book"..............................of course this book is going to my wish list....

* * * *


Two more inspiring artists from Japan for today!


I found Sizima thru flickr. He has very nice photos and also he did some super nice potteries!
Pretty much I want all of them if possible!!

Rari Yoshio

I found this lovely stuffed animal postcard when I was reorganized my room. It was from Ymay. Ymay do you remember when did you send me this? Three years ago??

That's how I found Japanese artist _
Rari Yoshio.
Those hand-knitting pieces are amazing.

Almost done!!

Hello, I'm back! not from the trip but from re-surfacing the floor and re-arrange things around the house. Not done yet but almost done. Finally I have my own studio now. YEEEEEEEEEEEEH!

I am also done with the special order for Sally! It's a digital print on artist canvas! I have 4 more copies, I will put them up at the Esty soon. I want to say " Thank you" to Sally for giving me the opportunity to try something new.


We are still working on the floor. Luckily we got a better floor sander from Home Depot this time. It's a new machine and produces less dust. We are applying polyurethane now. It's very toxic so we became nomads between cafes around our neighborhood,.......

be back soon!



There is one more place I will love to visit in Tokyo. I came across this Japanese textile designer this morning. It made my day!!

Here is his website/blog! Click on " new esperanto label" for the photos of gallery and textiles, and here for the wonderful bags and some related products.

We are going to re-surface our floor in the bedrooms this weekend. Hope it won't get too hot!!
oh, yah!! 100 % dusty and sweaty weekend!!

Have a nice weekend!