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First , I want to say "thank you"! You are always there and always leave sweet comments. You are my biggest support! Thank you, friends!!

Snow Attack!! 白雪攻擊!!

Second, I want to share with you my love to this nature +" snow"!

I never see or touch snow in my life. It's winter again! I know probably this year I will now be able to see the snow . I felt that I have been attached by the image of snow_The fantasy of white snow world has been constructed in my mind silently. I can't help drawing them on all my sketches.

Above are my sketches of planters and iceland.

One more thing for the love of S N O W _ An Icelandic movie called
Nói albino.

**** **

I hope I make sense here with my very random thoughts
and also

Have a wonderful winter day with or without snow!


Anonymous said...

noi albino is one of my favorite films!! your prints ... amazing. xx

Anonymous said...

Love your new work! It is all so beautiful!!

perfectbound said...

you should come here, to where we live. it's a winter wonderland out there right now. on the less busy streets, the roads are all white, too.

Loraine said...

love your little drawings :)

Kimberlee and Lies said...

Your thoughts and sketchings are beautifully poetic.

marie said...

i love your drawings, and am dreaming of snow too! although its just the beginning of summer in melbourne so i should try not to!

R.G. said...

ah yi, these prints are so beautiful!!

nativekee said...

i am wishing you mountains of fresh white snow !!!i love your drawings : )

ellyy said...

so much love and beautiful detail in this series, can't wait to get mine and treasure it forever!

Wendy said...

discovered your blog recently and must say that i love your work! your prints are amazing, i especially like "planters". the little gift tags from your previous posts are so adorable!

karin said...

Wonderful sketches. Noi albinoi is a great film.

Anonymous said...