Weaving Class

I started to go to weaving class from last week. It's like the happy hours in my daily routine. I love the class!

My instructor, Babajan.

Babajan's grandpa wore this pants for his wedding.

Graffiti on the wall.

My first sampler!! Now I know how to do plain weave, twill, imitation tapestry and basket weave.
I'm really tired of working on a very tight schedule, but I am happy that I manage to find time for the class.

Life is exciting!


Mel Kadel

I found Mel kadel's work from fecalface.com.
There are more fun stuff in fecal face. I have been spending lots time on reading those interviews. I like interviews, i felt that I can more or less related the works they did with artist themselves. Mel Kadel's interview here.

I like the idea of magazine "Me" and love the accidental interviews by Kelly too. They/interviews are so inspiring.

** * *

Fuji Kindergarten

A kindergarten designed by architects Takaharu and Yui Tezuka. I was totally moved when i see this movie telling the story about this lovely building. I'm huge fan of them and so excited to see their new work. Remember to check their residential project. I am loving " Roof house"... it's my dream home. very similar ideas related to this newly built kindergarten.

Of course there are more interesting stuff you will find in Monocle Magazine.
Also we just got this book!!

* * * *



I like to eat and like to cook! These are the time I feel that I'm enjoying my life,..... Spending time on eating and cooking help me to release all the tensions from work!

Here are some inspirations from food and art.

1. Food-designing .com, like to see how people do a lot of home works on everyday food.
2. Sprinkles cup cake, nice interior design and packaging, haven't gotten chance to try it, but soon!
3. Ice Cream Mood by Michael Swaney



This is such a wonderful idea for a shop_ Traveling,
and the culture contents are so charming.

Remember to check,
スーベニール過去の特集 _ Souvenir Feature/Past issue
the Bulgaria stamp and telegram are so amazing...........

Found this link from one of my Japanese zakka style magazine.



I found this site a while ago from computerlove! It reminds me a lot of the drawings we did at school. But they are not hand drawing, they are software generated graphics. There are more interesting stuff in the site, I am going to spend some time to read the text!

* * * *
My new computer seems working okay now, although I still have some complaints about Windows Vista.
There are more stuff want to share!! Will be back tomorrow!


Finally, golden landscape!!

I just updated my shop! Please let me know how you think about these two new prints.

I started to be fascinated with desert landscape after a three-day field trip to Joshua Tree National Park with school.
I never been to a desert before I came to US and the profile of desert in my mind are something more like "Sahara desert". No tree, no lives and only sand. Yes, I was so wrong.

This June I went to Topanga Cayon for catching some sceneries of yellow wild flowers, but I was late for that. Everything had already turned to different shades of gray, yellow, brown. It was so amazing and I knew I want to draw them......

^^ ^^^^ ^^^

I had some problems with my new computer. It's powered by window vista. I will need to reformat the computer, and hopefully I will be back soon!

I’ve been tagged by Kirsten, Martha, Elisabeth.

I hope this won't be too boring!!!

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* I used to live in my grandpa’s house which gave me some magical memories.

1. It’s a super” long” house. It consists of a storefront, a courtyard, a living room with an altar, a small bed room, a dining room, a kitchen, another bed room and then a huge backyard with Chinese style garden setting (rock and water). All the program elements goes one direction and one after another.

2. There is a stair to my grandpa’s bedroom in second floor; usually it’s flushed with ceiling. It’s hard to recognize.

3. There are 3 different settings and styles co-exist in the house. First the Japanese style, my grandpa’s bed room is raised wood floor with Tatamis and wood frame sliders, and it was located in second floor. Second, the European style, my grandmother’s bed room is filled with all the things she collected from her trips to Europe. Third the Chinese style Altar and gardens.


4. I used to live in Ray Kappe’s apartment and I felt that I was a luckiest girl in the world.

5. I locked myself up one time and all my friends thought I intentionally did it so I would be able to visit Kappe's famous house. (I swear it just happened )

>>>>> >

6. The second summer in US, I had enough of bright sun in LA and decided to trim my hair short. I borrowed a shaver from my boy friend, and the shaver went really fast. I totally messed up my hair and ended up I need to trim them all the way down. I looked like a nun that summer and people from school unconsciously pet me.

7. I used to drink 6 cups of coffee a day, but not anymore. I have really bad acid reflex problem now.

8. I like to float in the water. The anti gravity thing makes me feel good. I dream about flying in the sky sometimes too.