sky above pacific ocean

Hello from Taipei

It's a bit warm here, not too humid. Already eaten a lof of fruits which I have been craving for. They are so good!! Havn't gone any places where we planned to go. We are busy and lazy at the same time, I guess. Also there are lots "Family" related to do list!

Be back soon!


Planning for the trip/02 ~帰りたい気分

I totally agree with food writer Yilan said about Tainan.
The city where i grew up before my family moved to Taipei.
The city where you will find most of the eateries are open in the early morning. People there are starting their day with a nice meal.
The city where you find lots lots historical buildings and temples.

Our family used to live in a "long " house. The porpotion of lot's width and length probably are 1 to 8. It's so long so we have a long light well in the middle, a small light well at the side and a large back yard. My lovely grandpa was living in the northernly end of the house. It was a room with japanese setting, lift solid wood floor with layers and layers of wood panel doors, and of course tatami flooring in the bedroom. My grandma was living in the southernly end of the house right beside the garden. It's a room with western setting. But we have totally chinse style kitchen and living room. This house is toally reflecting the mutiple cultures of this city. There are thousands things I want to say about this house, but i have to stop here.

Did i tell you this city is famous with GOOD FOOD??
I will plan to have this LAMB SOUP!
And I will not miss fried noodles with fresh water eel, oyster pancake, stir fried squid, milky fish porridge,starfruit juice, vegetarian bamboo leaf wrapped rice cake, tea dessert ...........

(鱔魚意麵, 蚵阿煎, 生炒花枝, 虱目魚粥, 楊桃湯, 魚丸湯,..............)I will have hard time to finish my listing,..... they are too many good things there!


Planning for the trip/01

I want to check this tranditional woodblock paper shop in kyoto, 唐長 KARACHO .
If possible, one day i hope i can take classes there.


Flea Market Sunday

I think today is the flea market Sunday in PCC. CL is out for surfing, and i have to run all the errands before the trip to Taiwan. I definitely can't go today!! I feel that I've missed a lot of things today.

Here are the pictures taken from last month's flea market. Always see the most incredible colors there.

More patterns of waves,

Never have enough patterns of waves. I found this japanese hand made paper fan in Tortoise. Love it! but can't afford a 40 dollars paper fan, and i just got a paper fan from kozyndan last fall. Sigh beautiful things cost money!!


top: the sprouts in our backyard
bottom: the quick sketch of imaginary sprouting flowers

california wild flowers

Yvonne helps us to plan out a sustainable garden, so we supposed to plant some wild poppies to fill out the rest of land. I found a pack of seeds, named “California wild flowers” in a nursery closed to my house. Totally excited! Such a luxury experience to have a back yard and to sow the seeds. We sowed the seeds right before the Christmas, and we were so worried about these little lives when the temperature dropped suddenly. We started to notice some little spouts 3 weeks ago. Oh,yehhhhhhhhhh!! Since then they are doing better and better. I can’t wait to see them blooming in the spring or summer.

The seeds in the pack,

Bachelor Buttons
African daisy
California poppy
Baby’s breath
Dames’ Rocket
Blue Flax
Scarlet Flax
Evening Primrose
Shirley Poppy