Darkroom is ready now!!

Finally darkroom is ready now, but I'm going to Kappe's complex party tonight.
Have a nice weekend!

both from fornarina sample sale o6'
It's me? or not,

Starting from high school at my tender age, I obsessed with everything in black. Nothing is cooler than black and white to me. Even now black is like chocolate to me, so addictive. But I don't buy that many black after I moved to LA. I wonder what have been changed??
I got these colorful flower pattern outfits last year, haven't gotten chance to wear them. Can't help asking " it's that me? who brought these outfits!!


new purchases from fitzue's warehouse sale
fabric is from sou sou

I'm anxious and thrilled

First, I'm going to here on June.
Second, I have a potential project in this building.
I must work as hard as possible!!

Can't talk too much now because too distraught. Just learned this word from this movie.
It’s better than a comedy.
I hope I used it in a right way.
(somehow I have trouble with sizing of texts. I gave up for now. I hope this is not too disturbing.)

Good night!


top: watercolor sketche
bottom: our big toy_enlarger

What I have been doing lately? Part Two

Water color sketch is really fun to do everyday morning. It's like a everyday routine for me after the breakfast and yard work. Right! I do yard work everyday. We are so happy with the "California Wild Flowers Seeds",... everything grows so nicely. So I just got a new pack of seeds, we want to plant some more happy poppies in our back yard.

Our big toy _Enlarger has arrived. But we are so not ready for the dark room, we have to do some Autocad stuff this week. And yes, I will be a Cad monkey this week.

I admire them!!
*Karen gelardi
*Piano Nobile


Pictures from CL

Flickr Pool

This week I got some sentimental moments. A couple of emails from london and a song from Taiwan brought up all the emotions. I eased my strangle mind by soaking in the pool of flickr.

Some are from CL_ not too sweet pictures; coldness and emptiness of our neighborhood.
Some are from hometown_
I feel like to fly back home now!
daydream time!
Some are from Japan_
sweeter than a cream puff!!
new fiction I'd like to read
Some are from
candies for my eyes!!

Sleep tight for thoese friends are across the Pacific Ocean, and the rest, let's enjoy this sunny Sunday morning.


What I have been doing lately? -Part One

yep, what I have been doing lately? Since I don't have a day job anymore. Since I don't need to sit in the traffic for two hours everyday. Since I am not a Cad monkey anymore.

First, I started to do some watercolor sketches after i got the lovely gift from CL. This watercolor palette is from Finland, and I 'm totally mad with colors they have here.

Second, I am in love with the trees in the parking lot of Home Depo. Although I was threaten, I still took the pictures at the risk of my life.

Third, being a non-stop stalker of every moss in the world.

Fourth, A movie a day plus an apple a day. If Netflix do their job right!!

Fifth, exploring the GOCCO SCREEN PRINT.

Sixth, making a terrible mess while printing,....... sorry, Hanna, Max and CL

Seventh, testing and testing....

Eighth, testing and testing......

Ninth, more printing


Movie time

I think we've made good progress for fixing the floor, but we still need to fix the floor in bedrooms. Things are still scattering around. Last night we decided to take a break and watch a movie.

Here we are,.. a temporary place for cl's small power book for the movie time.

What's in my mail today?

got these beautiful prints from qubo gas, Lille , France.last friday.
It's almost like a present for my new life,....