making bread

Have you tried this??
more here
& sweet one
you should try it, so much fun and they taste so good!!

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my silly sketch

here is my silly sketch of our cats fighting!! don't they look too happy??
want to share with you some good illustrators/artists from Taiwan.

* * *

yihsin wu/
her lovely blogs, here and here,


i think there will be no language gap, those lovely drawings will bring you to the places you want to go!!


Anonymous said...

oh i love the cats ah-yi! great sketch.

yasu said...

wow the bread looks so good! I should try it sometime.. and lovely sketch of yours!
Thanks for the great links to the illustrators! I love their work.

Jessie Mae said...

Your cats are adorable! Great sketch.

marie said...

ooh miam!
those cats do look happy..
oh and merci for all the links too!

Anonymous said...

a beautiful loaf there...i should start making bread again =)


Fine Little Day said...

The bread is beautiful captured as well.

Anonymous said...

this is hilarious!

Loraine said...

yes pasmore made beautiful prints, i only discovered them a few weeks a go.

Love yishin's prints!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow- that bread looks amazing. I'm going to try a loaf today :)

Kerstin Svendsen said...

love the cats fighting—so funny.

Anonymous said...

I made the bread... It was amazing.


Anna-Lisa said...

thanks for that link. Her drawings and blog are amazing. So is your cat drawing!

Anonymous said...

hello ah-yi, love your cat scetch :) really funny. and now i'm going to make that bread, thanks so much for the links!

Anonymous said...