What's in my bag today??

I was tagged by Sanne!!

1. Very thick black wallet
2. Notebook from "a la sha", my FAVORITE Taiwanese clothing shop.
3. Car's key with a wool felt case, from ABITX
4. Ball pen and lip balm
5. MUJI felt tip pen set
6. "Lucky" pink deer key chain, I believe the deer will bring me luck. Don't ask me why? I don't know why either!!
7. Five and a half " Let' them eat cake" notebook. I use it as a sketch book. I like everything about it,
"handmade, 100% recycle paper, 3 different kinds of paper textures,very handy and super light.....
8. My digital camera in an orange soft case.

I think I forgot my cell phone today! Oops!!

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Also Shash is doing "textile pattern week". How fun!! Will join later this week.


marie said...

beautiful little note book from a la sha! it looks like a nice size

Danielle said...

A quick note as I just received 'the sky above you' set of gocco prints today and I absolutely LOVE them! They are stunningly beautiful - can't wait to frame & display them so I can enjoy looking at them everyday.
Thanks so much!
PS Your blog is wonderful too!

Anonymous said...

glad you like the journal and that you're carrying it around to draw in! i love getting to see how people use them. :)
~ judy
p.s. happy new year!

Jessie Cacciola said...

so cute! I love the freshness of your blog.
- Jessie -

Anonymous said...