*Magazine maniac*_ I can't stop buying magazine.............

1. Theme Magazine

I haven't found a real copy in my city but I like to browse the articles from their internet archive.
I really like this interview with Chinese designer Zhang Da_ "Formed from flat"

Chinese thinking, culturally, is two-dimensional,” explains Zhang. The O Shirt, perhaps Zhang’s most recognized piece to date, utilizes the traditional Chinese technique of flat cutting."..........

read more here.

2. Lovely daze, Issue 3: when i am alone, everything is so surreal
I just got 3 back issues from here.


Till now we only bought one issue, it's also very hard to find in my city. We bought our copy in MOCA store last time. It's like wall paper* graphic but with totally different contents. (with articles which you will want to read). It's lucky that we also can find lots interesting stories in their web. I bet soon this will be popular and probably will be more easily to find in the news stand.


Unknown said...

I love these images. I love Theme, but I haven't read Monocle...must find it ASAP..these images are fantastic!!!

Esti said...

Thanks for the links!

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend got me obsessed with Monocle and I am excited for the next issue to come out. The stories are sooo interesting...they sell in everywhere in New York so that is awesome!

marie said...

ooh i havn't heard of any of these..we probably get less here than you..so merci for the links!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog.

Anonymous said...

I love the photo from Theme magazine, what an amazing profile -thank you also for the intro to these magazines.

Anonymous said...