Finally, golden landscape!!

I just updated my shop! Please let me know how you think about these two new prints.

I started to be fascinated with desert landscape after a three-day field trip to Joshua Tree National Park with school.
I never been to a desert before I came to US and the profile of desert in my mind are something more like "Sahara desert". No tree, no lives and only sand. Yes, I was so wrong.

This June I went to Topanga Cayon for catching some sceneries of yellow wild flowers, but I was late for that. Everything had already turned to different shades of gray, yellow, brown. It was so amazing and I knew I want to draw them......

^^ ^^^^ ^^^

I had some problems with my new computer. It's powered by window vista. I will need to reformat the computer, and hopefully I will be back soon!


MWM said...

They are gorgeous.

olivelse said...

Wonderful work !!!

Fine Little Day said...

Like the lines, the composition, the colors, all about it. It´s gorgeous!

simplyolive said...

love your blog.
the images here are pretty great.
i'll plan to drop by often...

Lena said...

i just got the print i ordered
i love it so much!
the details are gorgeous.
thank you!

Anonymous said...