I did some test prints last weekend at the same time I was trying to figure out how to rescue all the data from my deadly hard drive.

Just two days ago, my laptop came back to live for no reasons. It doesn't make weird sounds anymore and no more strange messages. It looks totally fine now. So I think maybe it's too tired and need to take 5 days off,......... but my new computer arrived at the second day,.. so I was busy on reformatting the old one and setting up the new ones . (plus two deadlines to meet this weekend!)

Here are some eye candies for everyone!!
Marvelous reports in Ping Mag.

First, Hassaku

I love these rubber stamps! so playful!
But it reminds me that one of my friend from grade school made amazing rubber stamp (out of soft eraser).
We use stamp instead of signature. Sometimes we will need to get the parents personal stamp to proof that they've reviewed our grade or some documents from school,..... and sometimes we don't really want them to see them, so we have to make up one......it sounds so crazy,. because it's totally illegal....

In Taiwan, we don't sign our check!! We use stamp, but most of them are very nicely made. Usually they are engraved on the stone.

:::.. ........


Also check their books!
I love those simple shapes and colors.

Have a good weekend!!


shim + sons said...

Hooray for the revived computer! And I love your test prints...so beautiful!

Carson said...

I love those rubber stamps ah_yi

Fine Little Day said...

I love your prints, they are so beautiful.

Babelfish said...

The stamping on cheques thing is an interesting idea, can't they be easily imitated? Anyway, hooray your laptop is working now, remember backups are important!! Love the notebooks.

Anonymous said...