What I have been doing lately? -Part One

yep, what I have been doing lately? Since I don't have a day job anymore. Since I don't need to sit in the traffic for two hours everyday. Since I am not a Cad monkey anymore.

First, I started to do some watercolor sketches after i got the lovely gift from CL. This watercolor palette is from Finland, and I 'm totally mad with colors they have here.

Second, I am in love with the trees in the parking lot of Home Depo. Although I was threaten, I still took the pictures at the risk of my life.

Third, being a non-stop stalker of every moss in the world.

Fourth, A movie a day plus an apple a day. If Netflix do their job right!!

Fifth, exploring the GOCCO SCREEN PRINT.

Sixth, making a terrible mess while printing,....... sorry, Hanna, Max and CL

Seventh, testing and testing....

Eighth, testing and testing......

Ninth, more printing


Y_may said...

不然打死你 亨
哈 小太陽我有看過喔

Unknown said...

your prints are soooooo lovely!!! i want to buy some and frame them and put them up on my walls so i can look at them everyday.

Fine Little Day said...

I agree, I like especially the blue wavedots and the yellow green plantflowers. I like your Holga shots to, do you have any more pictures?

Kirsten said...

ah-yi, your prints are fantastic. i love the repeated dashed linework. love them!

Kelly said...

Where did you get your gocco??

Anonymous said...