Photos from Taiwan,

I had tried very hard to organized the pictures we took from the trip, but till now I only finished 1/3 of pictures from Taiwan. We took a lot while we were in Kyoto too, but not that many in Tokyo. At that time, we probably were so exhuasted.

I like the color palette we had found in Taiwan. We found a grocery shop selling all the old goodies from our childhood. I can't believe that we were eating all this colorful junk.

Also we had the most amazing food from Tainan. Love it!! We also found it very easy to find good coffee in Tainan. Most of them are above the standard. Again, I'm so proud that I grew up there. Nice people, good weather, and good food,..

oh, right, Happy golden pig year to all!!

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archi_shih said...

hmm...some of these pictures were taken by me, actually.