happy holidays!!

finally i have a sit-down breakfast
! most of time i eat my breakfast in the car. the past a coupe of weeks were busy but full of challenges.

got some new polaroid films but half of them were jammed inside of the cartridge and this is one of them... a magical one
with splashes of winter blue.

hope you are all well!!



Outi said...

These photos are charming. I especially like the one in the middle, it seems like a magical fantasy land created inside the reality we experience... I love the shades in all of these, too. What an eye.

marie said...

beautiful photos!
so mysterious and elegant as always :)

The Butter Flying © said...

Beautiful blog !
Happy 2009!

KG said...

i love it when that happens. The same happened to me and I got the most beautiful composition. Loook what happened :) http://boxofcloud.blogspot.com/2008/11/lovely-surprise.html