how to fold a lamp

I bought a roll of sketch paper from Ikea in the kid section. The reason why we chose this paper is because of the price. It's cheap so we can do a lot experiments before we know what we really want to make.

okay, let's start to make the lamp.

The above diagram is the pattern I did for this lamp. The straight and dotted lines are the folding lines on the front side of paper and the diagonal lines are the folding lines on the back side of paper. When I say " front" and back" sides of paper it doesn't mean this paper has front and back sides. Most of papers are not like fabric has identical right or wrong sides. It's just easier for me to differentiate the two folding patterns on two sides of same paper.

1. Start with straight lines first. you can mark lines on the paper. The way I did is marking the line only at the
top and bottom of the paper and then score the lines by rotary knife. You won't see the marks because they
will be hidden after assembling the lamp.

I did 40 columns so total is 40 inches long. 1 inch(for each column)x 40 x 1'-6 1/2" (tall)

3. Begin the first diagonal folding line from the 8th column (see the diagram above) and continue.....
the diagonal lines should be marked in the opposite side of the straight line's.

**The images below show the sample of paper from the book.
1cm( for each column)x78 x 24cm(tall)

4. After finishing the marking then we can start to fold the lines. One side at a time. If you score the lines
before folding , you find that the folding lines are much more crisp.

5. Start to pull the shape together after you finish folding.

** It will start to like this....... keep pull them together ( in and out).

Ok, in the meanwhile, let's talk to about the core. I got this core from Ikea. I think they are original for their paper lamp. I also got the low watt light bulbs from them. They are in very love temperature so it's safer for the paper lamp.

You can also make your own cord.
**My dear friend Sean made this for me from scratches. You can find all the parts in Home depot.

6. Finally! time to assemble the lamp.
I drilled two holes on the top and bottom and thread the holes with embroider string
We have tried metal
wire or polyester string.
I think I prefer embroider thread. Adjust the KNOT when you think it can hold the
shape well.

7. Glue the two ends together. You are done !!!

Trust me! It's not that difficult to make this lamp but it takes time. For this small size one (roughly 13" dia.), it took me around 6 to 8 hours to finish.

Let me know if you have more questions. This is just my way to finish the lamp. I think you probably have better idea than mine.

Have a nice weekend and have fun making lamp.

** will be back to share more experiences about the paper and some other patterns.



Tammy said...

Thank you for posting these instructions. I think it's v. sweet and generous of you to take the time to put all this information together for your readers. This is a v. cool project.

Stockton said...

wow, that is really beautiful, thank you for sharing!

Stephen said...

thanks heaps, very informative.

emma. said...

Thank you thank you thank you! I'm excited and can't wait to make it!

Krusti said...

Superbe, merci pour ce beau cadeau!

melindatrees said...

thanks so much! i borrowed the book from the library but couldnt work it out.

Ashes and Milk said...

AWESOME! Thank you for sharing this neat project.

angie said...

that looks gorgeous.

Elisabeth Dunker said...

Wow, amazing, and beautiful

Amber Rose said...

Nice! What a fun project! The lamp looks gorgeous, as well :) Thanks so much for sharing!

babelfish said...

Your tutorials are amazing, thanks for sharing.

Flotsam & Jetsam said...

thank you for this A M A Z I N G post!! now I have to work out if I have the patience to give this project a try...thank you so much for posting

Rona Chang said...

The final result is so gorgeous, I might actually have to try it. Thanks.

knick knack said...

oh, this is so amazing!!! You are so generous to share it here. Thank you, I'll definitely try my luck!

Jean said...

Oh this is so wonderful. I love the warmth of paper lighting. Thanks for sharing this. Super inspiring and I shall give it a try!

janet said...


mieke willems said...

beautiful! and very kind of you!

flowerpress said...

Wow, thank you :-) I have been admiring your beautiful lamp shades. I think this is something I might have to try!

geeta said...

So magical to watch the process- thank you so much for putting this together!

Anonymous said...

oooh i want to try this. reminds me of the origami spring, have you ever made one of those? i can never collapse it into the spring. hehe, maybe i'll be more sucessful with this.

nikole said...

oh, fun
i think i should try!

tiel said...

you have the most inspirational blog.

vlijtig said...

I have waiting for you to post this tutorial. I'll be trying to fold this beautiful lamp like this soon. Thanks a lot!

Freshly Found said...

Wow! Well done on spending all that time making something so beautiful!
So interesting to see how!

froginthepond said...

Thank you for the tutorial - I shall try this myself. The fold pattern and warmth of the light make it so appealing.

Tilda B. Hervé said...

this paper lamp is really magic! you too! thanks!!

anne said...

this looks so beautiful! thank you so much for the tutorial!!

Delphine said...

that's amazing! thanks for sharing :)

66 Stitches said...

Oh my, the lamp is beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing. Hopefully I'll have the time to make one soon...ish.

Anonymous said...

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

this is so wonderful

YOU are so wonderful!


jp said...

I made this lamp last week; I posted some more instructions here that will help:

thanks again!

Annette said...

How beautiful! I've always wondered how these were made.

Anonymous said...
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Mor Tosbaa Tasarım said...

It's so beautiful...

Romaida said...

It is definitely beautiful. Can you give any tips on getting it to that shape? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Aparna said...

its look very beautiful, amazing.

Isobel said...

This lamp is so beautiful, but I feel like my fingers are too clumsy to get it right!! I will keep trying. Thank you for a fantastic blog.

Anonymous said...


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Ferchu said...

como se dobla para que quede asi??
estuve 3 horas y no pude, agradeceria cualquier tipo de ayuda. QUIERO HACER ESA LAMPARA!

Anonymous said...

the first diagram is incorrect, if you want to fold the paper into a lamp, the diagonal lines should be spaced apart a distance of every other vertical line instead of at every vertical line. That way, each subsequent diamond has a vertical line bisecting it. (in this diagram, only half of the diamonds have lines bisecting them) You can see what I mean by studying the process photos more closely.

Ferchu: espero que esto le ayude

Callen said...

That is so cool! Thanks so much for the tutorial!
I linked this on my blog...
let me know if you need me to take it down.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It's perfect!!!!!

Kattie said...

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Emma said...

Hello, thanks for the Tutorial. I don't understand the dimensions of the paper sheet I need (in centimeters)...sorry !
Could U help ?