The trip

1. The secret

Sorry, I think I never mentioned the purpose of this trip back to my home town, Taipei. Actually it's for our super belated wedding celebration. CL and I married a year ago and We didn't have the celebration with family till now.... Above was my bouquet. (We are too shy to show our wedding photos!!)

2. The family trip

The day after our celebration we had a trip with relatives who traveled from south of Taiwan. My parents rented a tour bus so we can all fit in one car. On the way to the north beach, my uncles and cousins started to sing. Yes, it's a tour bus equipped with karaoke system. It was hilarious.

3. The power of nature

We stopped by this famous beach before heading to seafood restaurant. I was totally amazed by these incredible landscapes.

4. Eat, eat and eat

Of course we ate a lot of things. It's really happy to see that people start to think about origin and tradition again, especially for food. This is the a signage of a Chinese pastry shop. Can you image that cake with that fancy motif ?? Sigh, I should have bought some of them.

5. Shopping

I got this bicycle from Taiwan! You probably will think I'm so crazy. Yes, I'm so crazy about this old fashioned style bicycle. It also has unbeatable price!! believe me!!

I did got some nice books! I can't wait to show them all !!

6. The end

It's always sad to say good bye. I took this picture the night before we took off.
Doesn't it look very depressing ??

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



我也才在16, Sep.辦了公證結婚,


deborah said...

congratulations! i love your bouqet so much. let's see your bike!


Fine Little Day said...

Belated congrats, beutiful bouquet, and lovely pics.
So glad you´re back :)

Carson said...

No, not depressing at all.
I was going to say that image is really beautiful. I love how the semi-transparent red 8 is just creeping into the foreground.
And I love your flowers too; very subtle :)

studio craft said...

Beautiful bouquet and wonderful photographs from Taiwan. Appah just returned from Taiwan as well!

thisisnaive said...

"It's really happy to see that people start to think about origin and tradition again, especially for food."

Exactly. I really want to find out more about our traditions and keep them alive, especially in food because I think Chinese food is technically excellent, but it's a shame that large-scale production and profit margins have made manufacturers lose sight of quality...

Kelly said...

Welcome Back and Congratulations!

Michelle said...

Oh congrats! How exciting, best of luck to you, your photos are beautiful.

unha said...

belated congrats!
i want to go back to my home country(korea) and see the things with different yet the same eyes..
karaoke bus is hilarious. what's up with asian peep and the love for karaoke, eh? :)

Anonymous said...

gong shi! your wedding celebration looks like it was a ball - i love the karaoke bus! hope you had a great time. maybe you got to celebrate another honeymoon?