New scarves

I just put 3 new scarves up in my esty.

I hope you will like the new ones. I will send out another 3 to the "shiny squirrel" later this week but all of them are different. Same as other scarves I weaved. They are mixing a lot of textures and colors. The scarf shown above is mixing with brushed , non brushed irregular shaped alpaca and linen (those they called butterflies)

I want to say thank you to Jessica from "the shiny Squirrel" also Billie and Tootie from "Reform school".
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! Ohh, also friends, you bought the scarves and leave me nice comments. It makes me want to make more and try more........

Also I want to say thank you to "esty", without "it" I would be so hard to survive........

photo by CL Shih
dress, sweater, skirt are all from "a la sha" !


marie said...

the wool looks so warm and soft (i love the butterflies too!)
you are so very talented!

Anonymous said...

very very nice!!

Unknown said...

I am very excited to have them in shop and will be posting them at the end of the week!


karin said...

Beautiful work.

Lyn said...

so, so lovely! love the photo!

jen said...

love these colors! beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

they are gorgeous!! can see them more clearly too when they are worn!! real treasures!

i remember i tried my hands on weaving ikats too at university when i studied textiles and clothing, and it was so much fun =)


阪戸みほ Miho Sakato said...

hi ah_yi!

"a la sha" is so cute.
i will go to there, when i go to taiwan!


calico melton said...

I just stopped by your lovely blog today from mecozy blog. i just wanted to tell you that i love your scarves, i am a textile student and we just learned weaving at christmas time, i thought at first " i will NEVER be friends with this loom" but then i learned to love him the funny wooden mechanics you talked about. but after my project i was scared i would forget what to do but your blog has inspired me to do some weaving on my own- even though it makes my brain ache when trying to create patterns!. thank you for such a great blog.

Anonymous said...

I hope you do make more scarves to sell on etsy, I would love to buy one.

Anonymous said...

how lovely! love the way they look!

Anonymous said...