Happy Chinese New Year to you!!


We had a Chinese new year dinner last Saturday with friends and I made these red envelopes/luck bags for everyone. I printed my Chrysanthemum design on red paper and made some tags imprinted with lucky numbers.

Gifts from the dinner

Yuko brought over this lovely set of small utensils.

and a birch panel for me to draw/paint/ print on!! I love this so much!! thank you !! also I love the wrapping paper she used ( a news letter from sci-arc!!, haaaaaaah !!) next time I will remember to collect all the posters or news letter from school too.


Talking about pretty wrapper and package, I want to share this book with you!


It's about the pretty packagings from Kyoto's shops.
One of the author,
Yumiko Niwa has a nice studio in kyoto and she shares some of pretty wrappers in her website. ( It's under the "favorite" section and there are 4 categories)


Wendy said...

Happy Chinese new year! Your red envelopes look great :) And those little utensils are so cute - I totally want them!

Anonymous said...

I just discover your blog -via Maïze- and I'm very happy! Your scarves are wonderful…

Kim said...

what lovely gifts - happy new year!

阪戸みほ Miho Sakato said...

happy chinese new year to ah_yi!

how beautiful red paper!

and i like yukiko inoue's paper work too!

in my japanese blog,
blue bottom means プレビュー=preview. ok? hahaha..

R.G. said...

happy new year ah yi!
your lucky envelopes (and the scarves below) are so pretty!

marie said...

happy new year!
i love your envelopes,
and the book too

阪戸みほ Miho Sakato said...

hi ah_yi, again

do you know this book?

that's 'race paper origami book'.
my design book :)

Joanna Goddard said...

ooh look at those lovely utensils!

Loraine said...

Happy chines new year ah-yi ! your new scarves are beautiful again

Kerstin Svendsen said...

your tags look gorgeous! happy new year!

Traci said...

your work and blog is so inspiring to me… i hope you don’t mind but i’ve nominated you for the you make my day award. thank you for spreading inspiration and beauty…

open to cool said...

You have the most beautiful eye. I love how you see the world. I hope you don't mind, I linked to your blog over at www.opentocool.blogspot.com.
Happy New Year!

Shirley said...

i dont know japanese, but xin nian kuai le (new year's greeting in chinese pinyin).

thank you for sharing your story and i hope you are feeling much better now. the process sounded a bit tedious, like with knitting and most other crafts. but, it's always worthwhile once you can see the results of your work and journey to making something happen.

i can't wait to see more things from you. if i had the money i'd totally buy one of your scarves.

Shirley said...

ps. disregard my comment about saying new years in japanese. i got your blog mixed up with someone else's (this is what tiredness will do to me). obviously you know chinese since it's up in your blog, nice and red! haha.

but i am also curious to know. why does your family call you ah yi? is it because yi is part of your name? it's confusing since yi is also for auntie, well, in romanized form at least.


ah-yi said...

my first name is 儀 not 姨. Although they pronounce same... It's a bit confusing so my friends always made fun of me when they heard my mom called me "ah yi"!!

Shirley said...

haha. thanks for clearing that up. but i can see the joke. unfortunately, the middle character of my name has the same sound as 'fat' in cantonese, so my cousin used to call me 'fatty' in cantonese.

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