Yukari Miyagi 's Turtle and Rabbit

I found this book when I was in the exhibition of Murakami in MOCA. Actually there are a lot of young Japanese artists works there but it was crazily crowded there. I didn't really can stand still to look through all the new book collections. Too bad! It also stopped me to buy the books I like.

Here is Yukari Miyagi's website! She also has nice works for the commercial campaigns.

Fukuda Kan

I found this artist from one of Miyagi's links_ BUILDING.
There are more nice works up in the site. I only wish I would have 48 hours a day to dig that.

Oh, Right!
I also like Joe McLaren's version of "Rabbit and Turtle".


Unknown said...

ooo I love the top photo - wish I could see the show. It looks like it will be divine.


ah-yi said...

hi, jessica!
are you still interested in buying the handmade scarf??

阪戸みほ Miho Sakato said...

hi ah_yi!
were your lunch egg noodles delicious? hahaha.

yes, miyagi's drawing is very cool.
i often look at her drawing in tokyo.

murakami's exhibition was interesting?

ah-yi said...

murakami's exhibition was good,.. it shows most of the popular pieces of him,..also there was small space to sell his design for LV,...
i'm surprised that how his arts goes so well with commodities. it's very commercial sometimes but in a good way,....

it's not lunch time yet but i decide to have some hongkongnese egg noodle for lunch! the one with shrimp dumplings!

you must have good time in HK.

Kimberlee and Lies said...

Wonderful little collection/connection art here!

Anonymous said...