New things

Yes, I bought a loom!!

It was a table loom but Baba turned it into a floor loom. I also did my first project with this loom, a scarf for CL_ a belated birthday gift . I used 100% alpaca and 100%wool. I just wash it and it become so fluffy (even more soft now). The gray parts also stand out now.

mmm, What should I do for next one??


Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic!!!

ellyy said...

wow, so beautiful! looks like the mountains, sea and snow. :)

Jen said...

oh my goodness!!.. what a remarkable piece of equipment and such a beautiful scarf!!.. congratulations on your new loom, Ah Yi!! Looking forward to peaking at more glorious projects.

阪戸みほ Miho Sakato said...


such a book is in Japan.
'Woolen work'

however, it is only Japanese;)

nativekee said...

the scarf is so beautiful! what a lucky recipient!congratulations on your new loom : )

thisisnaive said...

I am so envious! Not only because you bought a loom (and that's amazing) but because you have the space for one. Can't wait to see what else comes out...

Anonymous said...

Wow - I am in love...any thoughts if I could purchase one??? I would love to have one of my own?

MWM said...

Truly amazing. I love it.

ah-yi said...

thank you guys!!

i can't help not thinking about weaving now, but i am too busy now. can't wait for weekend!

hi, jessica,
i love to sell my scarf to you,. i'm making more for friends now and i will let you know when i have new things out.

Anonymous said...

How exciting, your scarf is beautiful, congrats on your loom.

Kerstin Svendsen said...

wow wow wow! i love this green weaving. it is SOOO good.

the daily purl said...

Beautiful! (Out of curiosity, what brand of loom is this?)

Anonymous said...