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I hope this won't be too boring!!!

Players list 8 facts/habits about themselves. At the end of the post, players then tag 8 people by posting their names and making sure they know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment at the tagee’s blog.

* I used to live in my grandpa’s house which gave me some magical memories.

1. It’s a super” long” house. It consists of a storefront, a courtyard, a living room with an altar, a small bed room, a dining room, a kitchen, another bed room and then a huge backyard with Chinese style garden setting (rock and water). All the program elements goes one direction and one after another.

2. There is a stair to my grandpa’s bedroom in second floor; usually it’s flushed with ceiling. It’s hard to recognize.

3. There are 3 different settings and styles co-exist in the house. First the Japanese style, my grandpa’s bed room is raised wood floor with Tatamis and wood frame sliders, and it was located in second floor. Second, the European style, my grandmother’s bed room is filled with all the things she collected from her trips to Europe. Third the Chinese style Altar and gardens.


4. I used to live in Ray Kappe’s apartment and I felt that I was a luckiest girl in the world.

5. I locked myself up one time and all my friends thought I intentionally did it so I would be able to visit Kappe's famous house. (I swear it just happened )

>>>>> >

6. The second summer in US, I had enough of bright sun in LA and decided to trim my hair short. I borrowed a shaver from my boy friend, and the shaver went really fast. I totally messed up my hair and ended up I need to trim them all the way down. I looked like a nun that summer and people from school unconsciously pet me.

7. I used to drink 6 cups of coffee a day, but not anymore. I have really bad acid reflex problem now.

8. I like to float in the water. The anti gravity thing makes me feel good. I dream about flying in the sky sometimes too.


Fine Little Day said...

Nice to get you know you more ah-yi!

MWM said...

Not boring at all -just the opposite. These are the most interesting 8 random things I have read!
Ray Kappe's apartment -wow.

Babelfish said...

So many interesting facts, your grandparent's house sounds amazing.

Kelly said...

Definitely not boring. How do you like Highland Park? I used to live in South Pass just over the hill. I miss Los Angeles sooooo much. I'm also in Architecture.....Do you know about Not Neutral? They are also an architecture firm called Rios Clementi, Hale, Studios. Might be a good fit for transitioning over to print design from Architecture or doing both.

ah-yi said...

Hi, K,
thank you for the suggestions, actually i have some friends are working in rios, and i know they are looking for people now.

highland park is okay, but eagle rocks has been changing a lot,. i'm wonder if it will become something like "silver lake",...

Dan Cowan said...

hello - i just found your blog today and enjoy your posts, links, and photos of your work.

i also commonly have dreams where i am flying
started with dreams of levitating several feet off the ground
later would lay back and feel/push the air on the back of my hands, float up on the wind
wonderful feeling

i think it comes from floating on my back in the water

Anonymous said...