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We drove by this place last christmas. I always want to check out this cool outdoor exhibition space in silver lake. Finally we made it!! The installation was already falling apart when we were there, but I still like the whole idea of the installtion and the exhibition space. It looks like somebody did a cool and creative art work in their front yard, it's open 24 hours. It looks very nice at night !!

Check here for more past exhibitions.

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Also a very cool blog about these "bubbles" . It tells you the whole process.

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Photos above are taken by CL, my partner and dear dear husband. He also did this painting and this one.
I was just totally stunned by the scene and couldn't take any pictures.


ashley said...

oooooooh goodness. i have just discovered your blog and have been so inspired by your wonderful eye for all things beautiful. i look forward to future postings :)

Molly de Vries said...

your photos are so inspiring. if you're ever in san francisco you must come check out my shop... it's a green business fabric boutique.. we specialize in organic, sustainable and vintage fabrcs from around the world. i would love to meet you! thanks for inspiring!

sara said...

now I´m here, stoping by at your blog. It´s a good one. Like it. I will stop by again. Happy sunday!

Fine Little Day said...

And I like your big scarf.

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ah-yi said...

hey, mama molly
I would love to visit you store too. I love textile!!

Czina said...

i would like to have on eof these bubbles at home. at first i need larger home. hm...

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