I'm home now!
It's nice to have a short trip. I feel totally refresh now!
brought home with some new books and magazines.
also I'm glad that we went back to the cafe in greenwich village.


solar initiative

this is my party!!


pretty much i dig this two new blogs all the time!!

It's nice that

many stuff


Cristina said...

welcome home. the photographs are amazing.

Loraine said...

Great links , beautiful pictures...thanks :)

Lena said...

cafe reggio used to be one of my favorites... i haven't been there in so long! thanks for the reminder!

ah-yi said...

wow, i really like cafe reggio,. it's great to know that it's not only for the tourists,. also for the locals,....

we had the chance to go to the "tea lounge" in park slope. it was raining badly so we need a place to avoid the bad weather. i love their coffee too.

and both of them provide good sweet treats, very lovely,..

Babelfish said...

I love your beautiful photographs and thanks for the blog links.

Anonymous said...