Dead, totally dead

My laptop is dying now!!
We have tried and pried.
We don't expect it will come back to us again, so please excuse my absence for a while.

How sad! I LOST 2 years’ photos and work!!( i only managed to save part of them)

Luckily, my blog and flickr still got some traces of past ..........

.. ... ..


Fine Little Day said...

O no, thats horrible!!! Poor you. Hope you can find a way to repair it, hope...

nikole said...

oh, that is terrible. maybe the computer people will work some magic for you! i'll cross my fingers for you.

paula said...

Oh no! so sorry. it is really terrible when it happens.
and to loose your work and photos is the worse. I hope there is a way of getting something back...there must be, there has to be.

mav said...

oh dear. the same thing happened to me. i lost 2 years of photographs and more. i am sorry. i feel that pain.

Anonymous said...