San Shui/山水 no.01_3-stone rule

Two-color Gocco screen print on 4x6 inches arches 88 fine printmaking paper.
34 copies are available.
Will be available at Art Bazaar on June 2nd and 3rd and Esty.

San and Shui literally mean mountains and water/rivers in Chinese.

This early spring I was in this famous dry garden in Kyoto. My dear friend Hiro and his gal tried to explain to me the layout of stones. They are always 3 stones in a group and creating a perfect triangle. It meant to be creates various views when you are standing in different locations. It has such calm and quiet quality. ....


Phoebe said...

dear ah yi--

your blog delights me! i am so glad to have found someone who has a like me a secret passion for the patterns that combine black, white, navy, and that olive-y, dirty chartreuse-y, ochre color.

and i love your banner...

best wishes to you - phoebe

Anonymous said...