Landscape of construction site

So my job today is cleaning up all the white plaster chips in the room. I was so excited to accept this task. I know I'm going to do something with it, so I played around with all these tiny chips....... 15 minutes after..... I found that I was suffocated with unbelievable dusty air,......., oops!! Silly me.

styrofoam cups and
paper plates landscaping
by Tara Donovan,
both images from Ace gallery

Tara Donovan

Okay, after seeing my embarrassing playground, let's see some real art installations by Tara Donovan. I saw the installations in Ace gallery probably two years ago.

They were so AMAZING!!
They are made of thousands and thousands of toothpicks,
styrofoam cups, pencils, etc. See the great archives from Ace gallery!! and brief introduction from Hammer museum.