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sou sou x 有松鳴海絞
Makiko kudo
Aya Takano

Saturday Night, exhausted!!

It has been a busy week! Tired! >**<
I am going to share two nice books with you before I jump into my bed.
First, the pamphlet from sou-sou. It illustrates all different kind of tie-dye. I'm never a big fan of tie-dye, but the book totally changed my view of it. Check this, my photo doesn't show much!! The "bean tie" is amazing, it makes cutest small dots.

Second, it's a book called " drop dead cute". I bought this because of artist_Aya Takano, and my heart fall for Makiko kudo now. Totally it's more than cute things and characters. CL even thinks
Makiko kudo got the soul of Munch. ( he was the one against buying this book :P)

My brain can't function well now. Hopefully I will be able to show some new prints of mine tomorrow. Also I have one more amazing book to share.