top two: from : Sou Sou

bottom two from: Galoop

Galoop and Sou Sou

I found two very interesting shops in Tainan and Kyoto. Galoop is a very young Taiwanese brand. They have a wide range of collection from outfits to stationary. It's exciting to see new blood and it's truely " made in Taiwan".

Sou Sou is full of suprise from old fashion. Taking very serious about some old japanese traditions but find a very tasteful way out. We are toally crazy about the tabi, old japanese footwares. Also the socks to pair with shoes . I had hard time to leave this store.


archi_shih said...

Got a pair of Tabi for myself too...love it.

Fine Little Day said...
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Fine Little Day said...

I like the Galoopcups, and your blog to! Thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...
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