top two: BDDW
bottom: mina perhonen

Planning for the trip 03~ vintage

I was checking "super future" to get all the city info for the trip to Japan, and I came across this funiture shop in new york city, I know, I know, I'm not going to new york. I really like their stuff, so i have to share with you. Click here for more photos.

I want to check some vintage or scandinavian design shops in tokyo. I got some information from a japanese magazine, 2002 MARCH SPUR.Hopefully the store introduced from there are still open. Aside from that i think won't miss

*human by mike mills
*mina perhonen
*human basic
*plus minus zero
*tas yard

oh, I should stop listing the plans now, because I need to pack,.... flight is tomorrow morning. I hope I will get on blogging soon in Taipei. m~~~, Blogging while travelling,. not a bad idea, plus I get to use my sister's new apple computer!